We have shifted to dynamic pricing, just as you know it from travel agents and airlines. You do not have to look for the price in long price lists and can instead view your price, directly in our price calculator and online booking .


When you book, you can choose between two price categories, called BASIC and FLEX.


Our cheapest price! With Basis, you can not change or get your money back for your booking if you change plans or are prevented.


With Flex you can cancel and rebook completely until kl. 15.00 the day before arrival. Flex is the perfect choice if you want to secure your space or cabin long in advance, but are unsure if you can be prevented. However, you must be aware that there is an administration fee of DKK 295 per change or in case of cancellation.

Other prices:

Guarantee for selected pitch: DKK 125,-

Shower in service buildings, hot water: FREE

Optional rental of electrical adapter per day: DKK 20,-

Reservation fee telephone / email: DKK 100,-

Reservation fee for online booking: DKK 0,-

Dog per day: DKK 25,-

Day guests (visitors): DKK 25,-

End cleaning small cabins without toilet: DKK 500,-

End cleaning cabins with toilet: DKK 600,-

Selection of specific cabin number: DKK 200,-

Linen package incl. 2 towels .: DKK 125 per pers.

Linen package incl. 2 towels – made up: DKK 175 (must be booked by phone or by email)

Reservation fee telephone / email: DKK 100,-

Reservation fee for online booking: DKK 0,-

Dog per day: DKK 25,-

Day guests (visitors): DKK 25,-

Rental of high chair per stay: DKK 100,-

Cot rental per stay: DKK 100,-

If you stay overnight at the campsite

Water park per entrance – high season: DKK 30,-

Water park per entrance – low season DKK 20, –

It is possible to buy FREE WATER PARK package, which gives free access to the water park and all the other water parks at First Camp in Denmark.

Outside visitors / guests

Water park entrance per person – low season: DKK 50,-

Water park entrance per person – schools summer holiday: DKK 60,-


Bicycle rental 1 day: DKK 100,-
Bicycle rental 7 days: DKK 450,-
Bicycle with child seat 1 day: DKK 140,-
Bicycle with child seat 7 days: DKK 600,-
Electric bike rental 1 day: DKK 250,-
Electric bike rental 7 days: DKK 900,-
Bicycle trailer pr. day: DKK 100,-
Bicycle trailer 7 days: DKK 250,-

Mini golf

Mini golf – overnight guests/campers : DKK 20,-
Mini golf adult from outside / visitors: DKK 40,-
Mini golf child from outside / visitors: DKK 30,-


Rental of court per hour: DKK 100,-


Rental of sauna per. 1.5 hours: DKK 150,-


Pr. hour: DKK 20,-

Washer and dryer in service building

Washing machine 40º / 60º wash: DKK 45, –
Dryer 20 min .: DKK 25, –

See more prices below seasonal pitches

Power package 1 (0-50 kWh): DKK 150
Power package 2 (50-100 kWh): DKK 300
Power package 3 (100-150 kWh): DKK 450
Power package 4 (150-200 kWh): DKK 600
Power package 5 (200-250 kWh): DKK 750
Power package 6 (250-300 kWh): DKK 900
Power pack 7 (300-350 kWh): DKK 1050
Power package 8 (350-400 kWh): DKK 1200
Power package 9 (400-450 kWh): DKK 1350
Power package 10 (450-500 kWh): DKK 1500

Winter storage incl. floor (on the pitch): DKK 750

Floor storage (on pitch): DKK 400

Playgrounds – outside

Access to playgrounds non-campers daily price: DKK 15
Access to playgrounds non-campers weekly price: DKK 80
Access to playgrounds non-campers season: DKK 250

Season periods:

Low season

March 26 – June 24 and August 9 to October 24, 2021

High season

June 25 – August 8, 2021